The Empowered Portrait: The Cast Series

I am so excited to now offer real-life Casting Sessions in my new commission offering, ‘The Cast Series’. The Cast Series imprints your true body and transcribes it into a timeless, lifelike, and sophisticated art piece. I am honored to offer this commission for women who want to commemorate a part of their body that holds a powerful and personal narrative. Casting Sessions can take place for a single breast, both breasts, the torso, or maternity. 

This series is an accompaniment to my established nude portraiture offering for women, The Empowered Portrait. The Cast Series stems from my own experience casting myself during my pregnancy, when I wanted to capture my body at a very specific time with the closest likeness possible.

Through much experimentation and research, I have created a method of casting that is skin-safe, non-carcinogenic, durable, and impressively detail-oriented.

The in-person Casting Session takes place at my studio in Houston. This session is 1.5-2 hours (depending on what is being casted), and I will do 2-3 casts for the best result for your finished art piece. I will apply skin-safe mediums to your skin during these sessions. Framing consultation is available if needed for mounted casts.

Let's make your vision happen

I love working with clients on specific works of art for their home, loved one, office, and more. Working face-to-face makes the artwork that much more special — a real co-creation. If you’re interested in a casting commission here’s how it works:

  • Detail Session

    It helps me to know you more to create a work truly from your vision, so let’s book a Detail Session phone call or studio visit. I’ll need some basic details: what would you like casted, what color/design, will you need a framing consultation, and your commission deadline. From here, I will send a custom quote. Email me at or click the button below to schedule.

  • Casting Session

    This is the in-studio, Casting Session. Expect 1.5-2 hours in my studio, where I will create 2-3 casts of you. From these casts you will pick the most refined/preferred piece for your final art piece. Come as you are, there is no preparation needed from you. Please wear clothes you are comfortable getting plaster medium on. 

  • Finished Cast

    Once you choose your preferred cast from the Casting Session, I will prepare, paint, and mount (if needed) the final cast. Framing consultation is available for an additional 10%. I will collaborate with you to pick out the right frame and coordinate logistics with my local framing partner.

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What is your in-studio privacy policy?

My studio is a fully private space with a door that remains closed and locked throughout the duration of your Casting Session. I take no reference photos and the sketches are seen by no one but the client. Providing a space where you feel safe and respected is my greatest priority.

Is it skin-safe?

Yes. I use a non-carcinogenic medium that is skin safe. If you have any further questions, please email me. 

How much is The Cast Series?

A custom quote will be sent to the client for all casts depending on what is being casted and if mounted, the final mounted size. A 30% deposit is due in order to book your in-studio Casting Session. The remaining 70% balance is due when work is complete and ready for delivery/pick up.

Do you work with out of state or international clients?

Yes, I work with out-of-state and international clients. Coming to my studio is preferred, however I am able to travel for The Cast Series.  If you would like to discuss me traveling to your location, please email

Do you share my cast with anyone?

I only share your final cast with your written permission. If so, your name is never included, only your initials. If you grant permission for your final cast to be shared, I will showcase it on my website and social media platforms.

Are frames included?

Frames are not included for mounted casts, but framing consultation is offered for an additional 10%. 

Do I need to bring anything?

No, come as you are. I will have a robe and slippers for you. Coffee and water are available for you as well. There is a restroom and free on-site parking. Please wear clothes you are comfortable getting plaster medium on. 

What is your lead time?

My lead time for your finished cast is 2 months.

Can I do more than one final cast?

Yes. If you would like multiple final casts, I will provide you with a custom quote.

Can I cast both breasts or my torso?

Yes. I can cast one or both breasts and larger surface areas such as maternity. 

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