From Client L.S.

"Haley’s portraits remind us all that we’re worthy, beautiful, and celebrated. Being drawn with such intention and clarity was an experience I’ll forever appreciate."

Painting of nude woman gracefully looking up with her eyes closed

Nude is Normal

For all women who yearn to tell their story, reclaim their bodies, or see themselves through the eyes of an artist, The Empowered Portrait is a nude portrait experience that reclaims nudity as a way to reclaim the self.

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headshot of the artist haley bowen

Meet Haley

Drawing nude figures for over 16 years, my art is a platform for visual storytelling through lyrical line work and intimate drawing experiences. Hosting hundreds of drawing sessions for women of all backgrounds, body types, ages, and identities, I use art to rebuild the relationship between the physical body and the voice within.

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Preserve a Moment in Time

A strikingly lifelike studio experience. Commemorate your figure as it is today with the Empowered Portrait: Cast Series.

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