Haley Bowen Art - “Gold Pour”, 2021
Haley Bowen -

Reclaim your body, through the eyes of an artist

The Empowered Portrait

For all women who yearn to tell their story, reclaim their bodies, or see themselves through the eyes of an artist, The Empowered Portrait is a Neo-expressive portrait experience that reclaims nudity as a way to reclaim the self. Our nudity reveals our most authentic and vulnerable selves and, in its sanctification, and transcription to an art piece, you can be empowered in your nudity. Unlike boudoir photoshoots or photorealistic paintings, the Empowered Portrait uses line work to show the narrative and movement of the drawing session, the voice, and life story of a woman in the exact moment in time which she exists in. Experience the Empowered Portrait in a sacred, professional, and private space and own your story.

 #nudeisnormal #theempoweredportrait

For more information on the in-studio process of creating your Empowered Portrait, watch the video below.


I love working with clients on specific works of art for their home, office, loved one, and/or more. Working face-to-face makes the artwork that much more special — a real co-creation. If you’re interested in a commission here’s how it works:

  • Contact me with your idea through my email

  • It helps me to know you more to create a work truly from your vision, so let’s book a Detail Session phone call or studio visit together

  • I’ll need some basic details: size, medium of interest (work on canvas or paper, etc) and subject of interest (portrait, abstract, etc), do you want the work framed, etc

    • It’s okay if you don’t have a clear image/idea in mind, we’ll work on that together

  • A 30% deposit is due at the confirmation of the commission

    • Deposits are due before the portrait Drawing Session

    • Deposit will be sent to your email and can be paid by Quickbooks Intuit, Venmo, CC, check/cash

  • The remaining 70% balance is due when work is complete and ready for delivery/pick up

    • FREE drop off within a 15 mile radius of my studio

    • You may pick up the artwork at my studio

    • Shipping fees outside of 15 mile radius dependent on size/weight/location

**A note to my clients: If you are modeling for me or are sending me a reference photo, my policy is to delete any and every reference photo taken during our drawing session or photo that is sent to me as soon as the drawing is complete. If you want more information on how I keep your project safe, respected, and private, please do not hesitate to call me.

There are no returns on any artwork sales including spec or commission work once paid for in full. All sales are final. Deposits are non refundable.


Our bodies are riddled with bias: I’ll never be as pretty as her, My legs will never look like that, She’s so much stronger than me. We’re unable to see ourselves as we actually are, but an artist can. 

The role of an artist is to depict and uncover truth. Standing naked in front of an artist is an act of submission. It’s allowing our guard a few glorious minutes of respite. It’s vulnerable and raw, and illuminating and powerful. Through Haley’s Empowered Portraits, she’s able to guide us to a place of acceptance. No longer are we seeing our bodies through our eyes, but through hers.

The lines on the page are absolutes, not opinions. My portrait became a depiction of how I really am, not what I allowed myself to believe. Haley is deeply empathetic. Every figure is sacred and she treats you as such. The Empowered Portrait isn’t just a drawing: It’s the truest mirror one could ever hope to look into.

Haley’s portraits remind us all that we’re worthy, beautiful, and celebrated. Being drawn with such intention and clarity was an experience I’ll forever appreciate.

Years ago when my life was in chaos, struggling to find balance and purpose I took up a daily practice of yoga. I never was the flexible one, always uncoordinated and have difficulty slowing down. At the time I was pulled in so many directions, wanting to understand my purpose and meaning in life. My only grace was yoga daily with Haley as my teacher.

Haley was my constant, she taught me to love my body, relax and give myself just one hour of time daily. Through the art of yoga we shared a sacred time together. When she let go of her passion as a teacher to pursue art full time I always missed her ethereal energy in my daily life. Watching Haley in her new endeavor exposing the female figure with her paint brush I became her biggest cheerleader. Her ethos of following her true passion always intrigued me to become a female model for her art.

One day I finally gave in to all my preconceived notions and hesitation. I stood in front of her completely bare and exposed. Instead of feeling uncomfortable or awkward, I felt totally at peace. The experience leading up to this space was the journey that was truly captured. A solace in a crazy world, a reflection to stop and think. Now I look up at this painting everyday and am reminded of my fierce powerful light for life. This art is for no one else besides me. The idea that I am beautiful within my own skin. I’m exposed and bare in front of everyone, yet let’s face it…. It’s really just about exposing my own journey within.